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Olive Gardens Grilled Steak Crostada

On Monday night, Chilly and I went to dinner at Olive Garden.  We had seen advertisements on television of some items they are currently serving for a limited time.  One of them was the Grilled Steak Crostada.  We both tried it and loved it.  Both of us hope it will remain on the menu instead of being for a short time.

This meal had four grilled steak medallions which was cooked to our request.  The campanelle pasta had pancetta bacon and a four cheese sauce on it.  They served two cheese crostadas (similar to crackers) which were crispy and very tasty along with the pasta and steak.  The whole meal was delicious.  Of course, we both enjoyed the salad and bread sticks prior to our meal being served too.

If you would like to try something different, try this.  If beef is not your thing, they do this meal with grilled chicken as well..  I'm sure it has to be just as delicious.


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