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My Kind of Tossed Salad

I love a fresh homemade salad but Chilly doesn't care too much for them. He will eat one though if I put in the things he likes. This is what I put in this salad:
Iceberg lettuce
Large Romaine lettuce
Baby Romaine lettuce
Diced Roma tomatoes
One slice of American cheese and one slice of Swiss cheese, diced
Diced bell peppers, carrots and celery
Diced ham
Dried cranberries and dried pineapple
Sliced fresh strawberries

I mix all of this together and end up with the beautiful salad you see here. I use Italian dressing on the salad. It is a great accompaniment to all of the different flavors in the salad. This mixture makes a delicious salad. Oh, and if you love salad like I do, a glass pie plate makes a wonderful dish to make it in.

Sometimes I add crushed bacon, cucumbers, a boiled egg, or cottage cheese. I also add a few olives and mushrooms to Chillys salad as well.

What do you like in your salad that I haven't tried?


  • Mike Golch said....

    the salad sounds good to me.except I would have to pass on the pepers.they donot agree with me.

  • Cactus Jack Splash said....

    That sounds just delightful

  • Kris said....

    I love putting all sorts of stuff in my salad too. I love feta cheese on my salad. I also love to mix all sorts of different dressings together.

  • Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said....

    I love cucumbers! I have been known to eat a big bowl of cucumbers all by themselves, with just a little pinch of salt..LOL :)

  • Ritchelle said....

    That looks lovely!

  • Rebecca said....

    I love salads, but am too busy to make them these days. But I love a good Greek salad-- greens, olives, feta cheese, chick peas, and stuffed grape leaves. Ohhhh so good.

    I got your friend request at Facebook... I never use Facebook which is why there's no activity there. I don't ever remember starting an account there, either!! Strange... so anyway, that's why I haven't done much there. But thatnks for making me your friend!

  • B Boys Mom said....

    Yummy! I love a fresh summer salad.

  • Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said....

    Aaww.. .Wanda!! I am so honored and touched that you made me your blog of the month! You really have no idea how much that means to me!!
    Thank you so very much! :)

  • Naoko said....

    Our family just loves salad, I have never tried adding dries fruits in mines. I think it's a good idea. We like to add tofu in our salad.

  • Martha A. Cheves said....

    That's my kind of salad too and for the dressing I have to say Braswell's of Georgia Creamy Vidalia Onion is my choice. And it's made down the street from you in Statesboro.

  • trendsandspots said....

    it looks yummy...I will try that at home... thanks for sharing :]

  • Pblacksaw said....

    I am giving you an award please visit my blog to get it and to read the rules.

  • Liza said....

    I also like Italian dressing and I love adding nuts to my salad too. :)

    Thanks for your comment :) I hope you and Chilly are having a terrific weekend too. :)

    Take care!

  • Mike Golch said....

    sometimes we stach up some lunchmeats dice them up and toss them intoa salad as well.

  • Sandi said....

    It looks pretty! I am not much of a fan of cranberries or pineapple...and the peppers. lol Otherwise yum! I think I am like one of the few people on earth that don't like pineapple!

  • Endah said....

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  • Anonymous

    cool Blog :)

  • Sherry said....

    That sounds very good. I might try that salad but without adding the olives. Mushrooms? YES!

    Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

  • Laane said....

    Sounds great!Yummy!
    Dried pineapple? We don't have them here.
    And without the olives, please...

  • Petula said....

    Looks very yummy. I haven't had a really good salad in awhile.

  • Unternehmen said....

    The salad sounds very nice and delicious. I also make tossed salad like this and I add mushrooms. My kids love to eat this salad with toasted bread.

  • Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said....

    That is a lovely looking salad Wanda! It's so nice and colourful. I like the idea of using a glass pie pan too. Hmm, I have a Lemon Boy just ready for picking. Maybe a dinner salad is in order for tonight's meal. Thanks for the idea :)

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